Friday 28 August 2020

Essa Hansen Q&A and an interview

 Just a quick note that you can replay the online discussion with Essa Hansen by going to this link:

There were a few intermittent glitches with audio and sound but by and large I think it went well and we both enjoyed it.

I also wanted to mention an interview I did a couple of weeks ago with the Middletown public library's science fiction book club, kindly made possible by John Grayshaw.

You can either go directly to the group's Facebook page, and then scroll down until you reach my interview as posted on the 20th of August (sorry, I don't do Facebook, so that's as helpful as I can be):

Or jump to a complete list of interviews, here:


  1. Was a great talk to watch, thanks a lot for doing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful interviews. A while back you had shared with us an upcoming French or Swiss author who had written a new space opera novel. I recall the novel was in French but that an English translation was being planned. I am trying to track down this book but cannot recall the author, can you share it with us again?

    I also enjoyed the SF book club interview where you were answering some interesting questions. With regards to your hobbies you mentioned painting, I am lucky to have a copy of the limited edition of “Beyond Aquila Rift “ and other short stories collection which features your artwork on the cover. I would love to see some of your art appear on your future novels.

  3. Hi Norayr - the author in question is the excellent Laurence Suhner. We were in touch not too long ago but I'll ask for an update on where she stands with various translations and projects. It has certainly been an uphill struggle for her to get her ideas exposed to a broader audience.

    And thanks for liking the art - who knows!

    1. Thanks Alastair, Laurence’s trilogy certainly looks very interesting. I hope to see an English version in the near future.

  4. Thanks for doing the Q and A with us and thanks for sharing it here.

  5. That was a fantastic watch. It's the first time I'm hearing of Essa, but I'll definitely check out her book after all the praise you gave her. Obscure tech is something I really enjoy thinking about. It sets my mind wandering in those realms of possibilities and gives me fresh ideas for when I start writing one day.

    Thank you for sharing this Al. It should also serve as an inspiration to everyone that love writing but are too afraid to take that step towards doing it professionally, like Essa did. Look at her now, having a chat with you and enjoying the more-than-warm reception of her debut novel.

    Be well.