Friday 28 August 2015

Tomislav Tikulin

Tomislav Tikulin is a Croatian artist who has just had his first book published, by SST press. If you've been collecting some of my limited editions and chapbooks, you'll have already encountered Tomislav's fine work on the covers of Troika, Thousandth Night and so on.

I liked Tomislav's work from the outset, and when SST asked me for a quote for the new book, I was happy to provide an endorsement, of which this is a partial quote:

"It's been my great privilege to see Tomislav's artwork illustrating my stories. So much contemporary fantastic illustration is meticulously rendered, but also rather sterile and unengaging, but Tomislav's work is the exact opposite of that, with a real sense of texture and emotional depth."

The hardcover book, divided into roughly two halves - SF and fantasy - is terrific, and an excellent showcase of this talented and versatile artist. If you doubt me, then I'd point you to the equally effusive endorsements by the likes of Peter Crowther, Christopher Golden, Eric Brown and Trevor Quachri. If you have any SF artbooks in your collection, this is definitely one for the shelf.

SST press: