Thursday 1 November 2018


The new issue of Prog magazine includes an interview with me where I talk about my record collection, especially the prog-rock side of it. It was really fun to do. Thanks, Prog!

I was asked to pick ten significant records, and to keep it "purist" I confined myself to choices where I had the album on vinyl, even though, for instance, I might otherwise have included The Damned's Black Album.

These were my (not all strictly prog) choices:

 The London Philharmonic Orchestra: A Stereo Space Odyssey

Genesis: A Trick of the Tail

King Crimson: In the Court/Larks Tongues

Yes: Relayer

Hawklords: 25 Years On

Kate Bush; The Dreaming

B52s: Bouncing off the Satellites

Talking Heads: Little Creatures

Sound of Ceres: The Twin

War on Drugs: Lost in a Dream

A friend asked me why I hadn't mentioned The Fall. I felt that might have been pushing my luck just a bit...