Wednesday 15 May 2024

Brum Group and Cardiff Half Marathon fundraiser

 A couple of updates - I was extremely flattered to be asked to take on the role of Honorary President of the Birmingham SF Group, following the passing of Chris Priest. I've had a warm association with the Brum Group since my first time as a published novelist. A talk for the group was the first bit of public promotion I did for Revelation Space, back in early 2000, and although I was extremely nervous about the whole thing, I was made to feel very welcome. I'd done plenty of public speaking as a scientist, none of which fazed me, but to talk about myself, as a writer, felt like very unfamiliar territory. I've got a little more used to it since then, thanks in no small part to the other events I've done in and around Birmingham, not just in direct connection with the group, but including signings at Andromeda Books, attendance at various Novacons and last year's Fantasycon, where there was much overlap of friendly faces and the same relaxed, welcoming spirit that I felt for the first time in 2000. Of course one would much prefer that Chris Priest was still in the role of Honorary President (and it was kind of CP to listen in on zoom during my last visit to the group, back in 2023) but I will do my best to (partially) fill the great man's shoes.

In other news: although it's not until October, I thought I'd get the ball rolling on a fundraising initiative for Alzheimer's UK. I'm participating in the Cardiff Half Marathon and hoping to raise as much money as possible for this deserving cause. I know, of course, that many of you offered generous support when my wife and I did the Cardiff Memory Walk for the same charity. If anyone feels they can dig in again, no matter how small the amount, it will be greatly appreciated. If you can't - no worries!

I won't keep banging on about this, but I will post a small reminder about once a month between now and October. And if you feel like sharing a link to this blog or the fundraising page on whatever platform you use, that would be very kind.

Many thanks,

Al R