Wednesday 2 September 2020

Support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

My sister, who is an all-round cool person, is doing a marathon(in installments) for the Royal Marsden. Cancer has been hitting close to home for both of us in recent years, so it's a cause extremely dear to our hearts and one well worth supporting. No one should feel in the least bit pressured, but if you do feel like sending a pound or two in Tracy's direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

My sister has had an interesting career trajectory. After many years service in nursing, she retrained to become ... a maths teacher. Not many people do that, and I'm proud of her.


  1. The Royal Marsden and the brilliant Chris Ogden saved me from a very aggressive prostate cancer. Everyone was so kind, and so full of heart. Every day I wake up and thank the RM for my life.

  2. That is wonderful to hear (and thank you on behalf of my sister).

  3. That's very impressive of your sister. I've always been terrible at math, so I'm glad there are people like her who find numbers a natural language.

    I hope you and your family are well; cancer is a scourge.

  4. On behalf of my sister, thank you to those who very kindly helped her complete her challenge and smash her original fundraising goal. Your generosity is much appreciated.