Thursday 6 August 2020

Reconvene panel on A.I.

All being well, I'll be taking part in a virtual panel as part of Reconvene, on saturday August 15th:

The twitter announcement for this event reads:

Has AI failed us or have we failed AI? Let's delve into the discussion w. Martha Wells (), Ted Chiang, Alastair Reynolds, Karl Schroeder () & R.W.W. Greene (). #reconvenesff #scifi #AI

Which my brain can't help but read as "Has Al failed us?" And I'm thinking - well. c'mon, give me a chance, we haven't even had the panel yet...


  1. From MIT in 1971, here is a 4 sentence story showing how hard real AI is:

    1. John goes into a restaurant
    2. He orders lobster
    3. He pays his bill and leaves.
    Now, what did John eat?
    No AI is remotely close yet to answering this question, easily answered by a 4 year old child.

    Still, the coming of "marketed" AI portends life-death and health decisions being made by software, and we all know how bug-free that is these days.

    "Marketed" AI must be regulated, like any other dangerous item which may appear benign at first glance.

    William Donelson

  2. AI has always been a fascinating topic to me. It's hard to imagine the future of humanity without the presence of some form of advanced artificial intelligence. People are very good at making their lives easier, and AI surely can make our lives easier. Elon Musk thinks there's an inherent threat in misjudging the level of involvement in controlling AI, and I think he's right. Maybe if we let it do its own thing without limiting it in any way, it'll become something like Aurora, and nobody wants that...

  3. Failure, shcmailure. Ask not what Al can do for you, but rather what you can do for Al.

    I have a feeling the 2020s are going to be the Al Reynolds decade . . . .