Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Stock signing

 If you're still after a signed first edition of Inhibitor Phase, keep an eye on Goldsboro Books. Here I am signing copies which will shortly go back to them.



  1. Did you get the guy from Media Death Cult to stack those for you :-)

  2. I probably can’t afford one (I already have the audio book & a hard copy from my local bookshop) however I just have to say I’m absolutely loving this book. You are my fav author & reading this feels like “coming home”. (Hope that’s not too wierd 🙊.)

  3. Did you quit smoking at some point? At least your characters seem to have.

  4. I've never smoked. Which the main chars smokes in the RS books apart from Volyova, who's very old at the start of RS? She smokes because of a part I read in a Stanislaw Lem novel where an astronaut pats his pockets looking for a pack of cigs; I though it was such a brilliantly humdrum moment, something I'd never seen done in Anglphone SF.

    1. You are the expert, of course, but it just seemed to me that there was smoking in several of your novels. And it pleased me! Not least because it is very uncommon.

  5. I would like a plastic model kit of Scythe, please! Hell, what I'd do to get my hands on a model kit of the Nostalgia for Infinity as depicted in that illustration by Yann Souetre, which seems to me like what the ship would have looked like after a few centuries, maybe in the Triumvir era at the beginning of RS. Still functionally solid, despite obvious signs of decay, and not quite the horror show it eventually becomes under the influence of various plagues, viruses and non-corporeal consciousnesses.

    re: Volyova smoking: It always seemed to me like Volyova's smoking fit with the atmosphere of the ship. Not only does no one care enough to stop her, but with 7 or 8 people in a 4km-long-ship, there's really no one around to complain. Ilya could walk for hours and not encounter another crew member. Plus it reminds us of her anxiety as she warms the captain's plague-ridden corpse just enough to kickstart neural activity, deep in the bowels of the ship where the others are terrified to go.