Monday 29 March 2021

Truly these are the last days.

 Robert Fripp in a beard playing a ZZ Top cover.

(Toyah and Robert's Sunday Lunch videos have been one of the few bearable things about 2020/21. Thank you both!)


  1. Love the clip, those scissors look quite menacing.

  2. Shows we are close, indeed, but actually the end days will be here when Billy Gibbons does a multimedia for "The Talking Drum"

  3. Watched a couple of Sunday Lunches and an Agony Aunt. They ARE both completely hatstand ... but what delicious fun :-)

  4. The world has gone mad, mad I tell you!


  5. Alastair, I really don't know if this is the best place to reach you (probably not).

    I just wanted you to know where the greatest concentration of your fans hang out nowadays, i am the creative force behind Media Death Cult, a science fiction loving community built on the banks of a Youtube channel and Discord server.

    We are about to embark on a monthly read along of the entire Revelation Space series, hundreds of people who have been with you since the start and even more who haven't read your books yet, it's going to be awesome, iv'e already released the introduction video, the actual read along starts in May.

    Why You Should Read REVELATION SPACE With US

    By the end of the year there will be two videos per book on Youtube, one review and one community feedback video and we will be the authority Youtube channel for your work, just saying.

    I already rank at the top for Pushing Ice, Terminal World and House of Suns and i recently named House of Suns my number 1 science fiction book of all time on my updated Top 100 video.

    I'm not expecting a response, but it would be very cool if you had a message for your devoted followers.
    If you want to reach out i'm at or you can check out the videos at Media Death Cult on Youtube.

    Moid Moidelhoff

  6. Hi Moid - I've sent an email.



  7. As fun as Toyah is to watch - I like seeing Robert's hands to see if I can figure out what bizarro tuning he is using for a given song. No luck here.

    My first post here. Love your work Mr. Reynolds, I am a fan of bats and frogs. Your science fiction has been a literal 'revelation' during the lockdown. Love it all. Thank You.

  8. Hi, thanks and good to have you here.

    I'm guessing it's New Standard Tuning for the most part?

  9. Replies
    1. I don't have any involvement with Discord.