Friday 2 September 2011

Back in the saddle

I'm back on a horse! It's been far too long - about 18 months since the last time, and maybe as long again before that - and I do miss it terribly. My wife and I used to ride regularly in Holland, but for various reasons found it difficult to keep up the habit once we relocated to Wales (even though we imagined that the exact opposite would be the case). It's even longer since I rode Western, although again I used to do a fair bit of it. This is Tonto, a quarter horse. And I suspect I may be the only person in LA modelling a T-shirt proclaiming the virtues of "Barry, the bracing South Wales resort".

Sod-all relevance to SF, of course, although I have had some good ideas while in the saddle. It's a great place to let your mind wander.

Once again, thanks to Barbara Bella (who rode with my wife and I) for the photo.


  1. Not quite Rhinestone Cowboy nor Well hung Ploughboy, but the look suits you.

  2. Where did you get the shirt? I know it's an old GWR poster, as a fellow Barry resident I feel I should do my bit and promote the island :)

  3. Mike: You can get the t-shirts from Ian Allan transport books, in Cardiff's Royal Arcade. They were still stocking them this summer so I guess there's a good chance they still have them. And yes, it's an old GWR poster.

  4. Al,
    Just to make you homesick for Holland, I'm going riding on the beach Sunday afternoon. Remember those famous beach rides from the Langeveld stables??!!
    Sarah H.

  5. Sarah - I hope you stop half way for a pancake! We had some fine times, didn't we? When we weren't falling off, at least. Ah, damn. You're making me all nostalgic now.