Friday 10 June 2011

TEDx talk, story sale, Sturgeon shortlist

The good people behind the Cardiff TEDx event have now edited and uploaded videos of the day's talks - you can access them from the main TEDx website at or hop directly to YouTube.

In other news, Ian Whates has kindly agreed to take a new 7000 word story of mine, "For the Ages", to appear in SOLARIS RISING, a new original anthology which I would imagine will appear in 2012. My story was inspired by this Scientific American article on The End of Cosmology (unfortunately behind paywall) which appeared in the March 2008 issue. Getting cosmology into SF is hard work, for me, at least, so I was delighted when I found a way into this story.

In other other news, I'm pleased to report that "Troika" is a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial award - its third shortlisting, following its appearance on the Hugo and Locus lists. Good luck to all the authors. I've also just received my contributor copies of the Subterranean Press edition of "Troika" (very slightly tweaked compared to the original version in Godlike Machines), and it's a lovely looking item.


  1. The copy of Troika I pre-ordered also arrived today. Does indeed look nice.

  2. There are some who call me Tim11 June 2011 at 01:29

    I got my signed copy a couple of days too. It's a very handsome book, sir, and I love the story so far. SP does nice work.

    How does the tweak affect the story? Is it work checking out the original version too (besides all the other likely wonderful stories)?

    Congrats on the nominee!

  3. Is the Sub Press version of Troika the version you recommend reading? And, what version is in the Hugo packet? I'm spoilt for choice at the moment.

  4. The Sub Press edition is the definitive text but if you read the two side by side I doubt you'd notice the very minor changes, it's very much a case of the odd word here and there, the odd line break or punctuation change. The story is exactly the same.

    The version in the Hugo packet is the original one; it didn't seem fair to put a revised version in there when people would be voting on the story that appeared in Godlike Machines.

  5. That was a though-provoking speech ... wish I had you as an astronomy professor. Got me thinking, I wonder how many species (intelligent as humans) have faced extinction due to the deaths of a sun. Alan