Monday 13 June 2011

Dendrocopos major

I love the way woodpeckers come pre-installed with Woodpecker 1.0. The bird on the left, with the prominent red cap, is a juvenile, the one on the right an adult female. I shot this picture this morning through two windows (the living room and the conservatory) so it's not the sharpest of images, but it's so rare to see two great spotted woodpeckers on the same feeder that I'm happy with any shot at all. I've been enthralled by these fascinating, intelligent and colourful creatures since I was a child. It's remarkable how they've gone from being a relatively uncommon sight (outside of woodland) to a typical garden bird in only a generation or so. I still never tire of them.


  1. Nice capture! Alan

  2. Ha ha ha HAR ha Ha ha ha HAR ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    So do they have a distinctive laugh like the cartoon character, something as unique as say a kookaburra? And can they be domesticated? Not to keep in a cage of course!
    Great Photo

  3. No, these ones don't have the laugh call. Green woodpeckers do, though. We've at least one in the area but we seldom see it since they rarely come into gardens.

  4. There's bird-feeders. And then there's squirrel feeders.

    Nice photo. Thanks for sharing it.

    Bruce T.