Wednesday 1 June 2011

Scales at Lightspeed, and some gratuitous John Grant

In 2009 I wrote and narrated a very short story for the Guardian. You can now read Scales at Thank you to John Joseph Adams for taking the story, and to Erin for the interview which accompanies the piece.

Talking of science fiction and space travel ... who wouldn't want to go to Mars? Or even Marz? Actually, it's about a sweet shop, not the planet, but this is a wonderful track from John Grant's new album "The Queen of Denmark", which is itself utterly splendid. This strange and beautiful song has been picking up some airplay in the UK but it's always worth hearing, and I think this is the official video for it. Rather fantastically, it seems to have been filmed around Cardiff.

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  1. Slightly off topic:

    8 foot long worms were discovered 1 mile deep:

    This reminds me of the worms discovered by the Conjoiners in Glacial.