Tuesday 24 August 2010

Two cool House of Suns related things

Title says it all: two cool House of Suns related things.

Some while ago I mentioned that Stargate Universe's Joseph Mallozzi was making HOS his book of the month for July. That was amazingly nice of Joe and a few weeks later I got a bunch of questions to answer from his blog regulars. Joe collated my answers, and you can read them here:


I'm still stoked about this, and I hope some of my responses are interesting. Bear in mind I do go into some spoilery territory, so beware if you haven't read the book and still have some intention of doing so. Once again, thanks to Joe. And for those who didn't read my original post on SG:U, I rate it very highly and am looking forward to the new season, which begins in just over a month.

Right, so that's one cool House of Suns related thing ... here's the second. A little while ago I heard from Morgan Smith, guitarist in San Diego based band Midnight Rivals (something of a supergroup, with proper rock pedigree) that they were working on a song called House of Suns. Morgan sent me a link to some other work by Midnight Rivals, which I liked a lot, so you can imagine how ridiculously happy I was about this. Morgan tipped some nods to my work into the lyrics, but not gratuitously so - this ain't a sci-fi rock song.

You can listen to HOS here:


I think it's pretty great, and I look forward to the album and maybe even checking out Midnight Rivals the next time I'm in San Diego, which just happens to be one of my favorite places on the planet anyway...

I'll be back tomorrow with my Worldcon schedule, for those who are going to Aussiecon.


  1. House of Suns is one my favorite novels and I wish more songs were written in its honor. You deserve all the praise you can get for that one. Well done.

  2. Alastair, can we expect a sequel to HOS? I finally read it this summer. It's such a blast.

  3. I hope to do a sequel to HOS one day, but it'll be a few years down the pipe.

  4. ok it's been a few years now since 2010... any chance it interests you enough to return to? I'd love to see what comes next. if it's there...

  5. I literally just put down House of Suns; Amazing! fabulously realised; deep time; king crimson (larks tongues in aspic?). The Universe of the commonality and the Lines definitely deserves another novel or five set within it. Brilliant. Is there a HOS sequel/commonality novel in the pipe as one of your 10 novels in 10 years deal? Love to read it.

  6. Where is the next one ! :(

  7. I read House of Suns about 3 years ago and I've been waiting for a sequel ever since. I couldn't find a sequel last year, so I read House of Suns again.

  8. Just finished house of suns for second time, first time was right after it was published, still one of the best you have created. Waiting for sequel..

  9. I'm reading House of Suns again after failing to find a sequel. I'll never lend my sister any Alistar Reynolds again, I lent her my Pushing Ice and she returned it in ruins, though I can read a book 10 times without destroying it as utterly. I'm usually thinking along astrophysical lines, as time passes, the universe expands faster, eventually humans will only see galaxies in our local group.
    As stars burn through their fuel, two+billion years from now, Andromeda and the Milky Way will merge causing central black holes to merge, collapse of hydrogen clouds, a burst of star formation, an end to new star formation as stars leave main sequence.
    A longlived interstellar society would in the distant future need to stockpile brown dwarves, K, L, & M class stars, stockpiling them in dark matter valleys to use as components to build stars as needed into the distant trillions of years of darkness in the time between the beginning of the darkness and into deep time of the distant 'Big Rip'.
    There you go Alistar grab it and tun.
    PS, thank-you for all of the thought-provoking books. GFW

  10. Hello Sir! Lining up as one more person hoping for a sequel! We just read in my book club and everyone was like, we want want more! All best from Los Angeles.