Tuesday 16 August 2022

Things To Do In Deimos When You're Dead

 My Asimov's story of the title above, my first in that magazine for more than twenty years, should be hitting the bookstores soon. I'm delighted!

Here's a link to the magazine:


And you can check out an excerpt of the piece here. It's a pretty long excerpt, but there's still a lot more of the story to come.


It's a totally standalone piece, by the way, not related to anything else I've done.

The same goes for a couple of other stories I've just sold. "Banish" will appear in the forthcoming Titan anthology The Multiverse, edited by Preston Grassman, and "Detonation Boulevard" will appear on Tot online via Jonathan Strahan. Both stories won't be out until 2023 (gulp!), so doubtless I'll post more about them nearer publication.

Back to the Asimov's piece now. The title is a blatant rip-off of "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" by the inestimable and much-missed Warren Zevon. So by way of gratitude, let's have some Warren.


  1. Just got my copy of the Sub Press Rev Space - they have done a great job as usual. Hope you keep working with them (maybe these short stories find their way into a future collection ;-) )

  2. Sub Press Rev Space?

  3. The Subterranean Press edition of RS. I'll do a post about it this week.

  4. I read the story last night. The ending left me feeling depressed, but aside from that, the story was an interesting analog to old age. The past, your friends, then your world fading away. Then the "aloneness" (can't find the right word here). I cannot be sure what the main character decided at the end, given his personality, but I hope and suspect he carried on. Haunting.

  5. Just read the story this afternoon and really enjoyed it. For some reason I reminisced about the posthumans from the Celestial levels in Terminal World. Loved the open-ended ending.