Tuesday 13 December 2011

Blue Remembered Earth trailer

This is officially very cool. I was thrilled when I learned that Gollancz intended to commission a promotional trailer for Blue Remembered Earth; even more so when I saw the treatment. Two days ago I saw the final product and I'm stunned; it's a lovely piece of work, and very true to my mental image of the characters and their world. Magnificent!

You can watch the trailer by going to:


or at http://www.sfx.co.uk/2011/12/13/blue-remembered-earth/

Or on Youtube:

Either way, enjoy. For now, this as close as you're going to get a film of one of my books. I'd like to thank everyone involved at Gollancz, including Simon and Marcus, but with a special nod to Jen who has been involved in this from the outset, and very keen to get the right look and feel. The effort and imagination that has gone into this is definitely appreciated at my end. And if you have any comments on the trailer, I'm sure they'd be welcome at any of the links above, or here.


  1. i wish i could have found out a bit more about the book. i'll be buying the BRE regardless because i have all of your works and enjoy them immensely (you are one of those rare authors whose books i read multiple times), just wanted a little more plot info. a very professional evocative trailer though, nonetheless

  2. As if I wasn't already intrigued, my interest has yet again been peeked.
    The trailer is indeed very moody and heavy on atmosphere, what I certainly like. And it immediately feels like one of your stories.
    Now we only have to wait for the book to come out and read it! That one goes on my list! It's gonna come out just in time for my birthday :-)

  3. Todd - I always try to give away as little plot as I can in advance of a book. The amazon summary isn't too far off the mark though.

  4. The less I know about a book, the better. Trailer works perfectly, just enough info to pique my interest and make me salivate until its release date.

  5. thanks for the reply al. i already have the book on pre-order and am counting down the days.

  6. Looks like the US publication won't be until June. In the past I have imported some of your books, however the exchange rate is very unfavorable these days and makes the shipping cost prohibitively expensive. Do you know if your publisher has plans to put out an eBook edition?

  7. eBooks, don't get me started. In mainland Europe we have to buy the Kindle ones from the US Amazon store (because UK is UK only for some reason) so if it gets published there only in June it looks like we are... out of luck. Paperback it is I guess :)

  8. Nice, I was afraid there wasn't gonna be any/enough cyber-stuff ;) Gonna get it regardless of course since you wrote it.

  9. Hi Al,
    Fantastic trailer, very intrigued. I've made it a point to not read any synopsis or book description as they have a tendency to give away too much, but the trailer was well done and gave just enough to tease. Congratulations on the star treatment!

    Also, the comment " For now, this as close as you're going to get a film of one of my books." has got my mind racing. Could you imagine a big budget Revelation Space trilogy? Who would direct? Who would star? What would the movie posters look like? Wow, I'm going to chew on that for the next few hours.

  10. So ridiculously excited about that trailer. It actually made my stomach hurt. Can't wait to read it.

  11. Have you seriously not had any of your books optioned as films? I always thought Diamond Dogs would make a cracking film - it's not a million miles away from stuff like The Cube, thematically, and wouldn't require loads of mental CGI spaceships and the like.

  12. I'm wary of talking about options until things are very firm (and even then, would rather not make a big deal out of it). We've all seen writers post about their exciting film deals, and then a year goes on, and another ... and nothing ever comes of it. I'm sure some money changes hands but that's of no interest to anyone except the writer, their agent and the third party.

    As it happens, there is an option on DD - but it's for a stage production.

  13. Intriguing! Is this a new thing, publishers doing mini-trailers for books? I'd have loved to have seen one of those for Banks's "Excession" and "Absolution Gap", for that matter ... I'm going to try to get to the UK, Denmark and Spain sometime in the spring, hopefully before the bluebells are over and done with in Wivenhoe Woods, so I shall try and snag me a copy of BRE then.

  14. I always wondered, if there was a movie if Diamond Dogs, would there have to be clips from Cube and Raiders of the Lost Ark in it?

    Diamond dogs as a stageplay would be interesting, but I'm not sure how changing physically could be incorporated into something on stage....

  15. Catching up as I'm returning from the holidays... Great trailer! May I ask who made it? I'm a filmmaker myself and have been involved in book trailers before, would have loved to make this one! Or one for any of your other novels for that matter...

    I'd leve to see your books made into movies but they are too dense and -- dare I say -- too intelligent to translate easily into a film. The problem with sf is that it's expensive to make well, and as consequence the finished product must have a mass market appeal to make it's money back. That's why there are so many crappy sf films ("Skyline," anyone?) and so few good ones...

    Still, DD, got me thinking... I'd love to make that one... :)

    1. Hi Hametta, I made the trailer. There's a vfx breakdown at the end of this version of the trailer for our website - http://vimeo.com/33059028



  16. if novels are too dense, there are plenty of great short stories, RS universe or not, that could be adapted, flashed out to 1 2h running time.
    if anything, my biggest wish is that Al's DW book is a massive success and he gets asked to pitch/write a DW episode....

  17. Byrd Land Six and the star Surgeons Apprentice would both make awesome movies by the way. (I'm reading Deep Navigation atm if you hadn't guessed)

  18. I read Pushing Ice and Terminal World over the holiday and was blown away. They're written like films. The timing is perfect... Throw in an obvious romance and you've got it.

    Too dense? Nah. The Lord of the Rings was dense, but that made for entertaining cinema. It's about how much you can drop without losing the plot, and I think both of the books I've read so far would work well.