Thursday 19 May 2011

Terminal World on Wales Book of the Year shortlist

Delighted to report that Terminal World has made the shortlist for Wales Book of the Year 2011.

From the BBC Wales website:

"A poetry collection, travel novel and sci-fi story are among the works shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year.

The English-language titles are What the Water Gave Me by Pascale Petit, Cloud Road by John Harrison and Alastair Reynolds's Terminal World.

On the Welsh-language list are Caersaint by Angharad Price, Lladd Duw by Dewi Prysor and Bydoedd by Ned Thomas.

The winners in each language will be announced on 7 July in Cardiff."

Wales Book of the Year 2011

More on the award itself:

Literature Wales

Congratulations to all the longlisted authors; it's a pleasure and an honour to be in such company, and I'm genuinely delighted.


  1. I read about this yesterday. Someone posted the BBC report on FB. It wound up on my page. Congratulations. George Berger

  2. Great news, well deserved. Curzie..

  3. Nice one Alastair! Great to see SF being recognised as a valid genre for this award, hope you get it :)

  4. Congrats!
    I'm looking forward to reading Blue Remembered Earth

  5. Terminal World was one of the most thought provoking enchanting novels I think I've ever read, high praise definitely needed! The blend of genres, steampunk vibe and far future concepts just captured my imagination, not to mention great characterisation and a real page turning story! Congrats on the shortlist, please tell me you'll be revisiting the universe of Terminal World in the future?