Wednesday 9 March 2011


So Liz and I finished our collaboration - it's called "Lune and the Red Empress", it's 16,000 words, set in Paris, in the very distant future, and it'll be appearing in the Eastercon souvenir book (Liz  and I were guests of honour in 2010).

Liz and I haven't ruled out another collaboration at some point down the line, so who knows where this may lead...

In other news, in an earlier post I mentioned submitting a couple of stories on the same day. I'm pleased to say that one of them, "The Lobby", will be appearing in Postscripts magazine, toward the end of 2011. It's an urban horror story about a couple of dropout skater dudes and the strange thing that replaces their skate park one morning...


  1. "Lune and the Red Empress" is a great title. Looking forward to it. As for "The Lobby", sounds like something I'd expect in a Stephen King collection...hey wait a minute, your not...are you...with Stephen King...collaborating...oh wait a minute, I'm having one of those in my dreams moments again. Anyway, looking forward to that as well.

  2. So maybe your adventure in urban horror will mean you no longer need to refer to yourself as a "snivelling genre type"? I'm still laughing over that one :)