Thursday 26 January 2023

A thought.

 I'll believe in the validity of AI-generated art the day an AI withholds its art.


  1. This might interest you:

    "Our descendants aren't going to be extracting data from black holes because the data in the black holes is going to be them."

    - Dan Piponi

  2. Scrambles to delete the ai art I stuck on the Alastair Reynolds Facebook fan group.

    1. There's an Alastair Reynolds Facebook fan group?? Scrambles to join immediately....

  3. As a tool in an artist's arsenal, however, it has incredible potential. You don't list the word processor as an author on a book, but the automation empowers authors in drafting and editing their works.

    AI-generated art is like that. It empowers artists of all skill levels and enables them to do more and to do it better.

    1. Although right now the "AI" (in truth machine learning algorithms) were trained in a disturbingly unethical if not outright criminal way, and steals more from artist than can give to them.

      And there is more (much more): as I write this technical artists, those who make textures, apply materials to models, draw matte painting backgrounds and etc, are about to loose their jobs. AI won't empower them, AI will render (no pun intended) (I am lying, it is intended) obsolete and out of job.

  4. Did you read about the mass of AI submissions to Clarkesworld.

    1. I was just about to mention that. I read an article that said "get rich quick" YouTubers were recommending sending AI-drafted stories to magazines. Clearly they don't realize writing isn't a way to get rich quick, and they haven't bothered to look at ChatGPT's output, which might generate a story that'll fly for an elementary school assignment, but not for a literary mag.

      But it's a shame that publishers have to shut down submissions because of this. Between this kind of thing and the ubiquitous stories about attention-seekers who get ChatGPT to say something inappropriate, it's unfortunate that some people immediately look to exploit them instead of appreciating the achievement.

  5. You're out of a job soon, Al.

    (Bing Chat)

    "I would like to hear a new story about Campion and Purslane, from House of Suns."

    Campion and Purslane were sitting in the garden of their house on the edge of the galaxy. The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful shade of pink and orange. They were talking about their latest adventure when they heard a strange noise coming from the sky.

    “What’s that?” asked Campion.

    “I don’t know,” replied Purslane. “Let’s go check it out.”

    They ran to the edge of their garden and looked up at the sky. They saw a spaceship flying towards them. It was unlike any spaceship they had ever seen before. It was sleek and silver and had strange markings on it.

    The spaceship landed in front of them and the door opened. A tall, thin alien stepped out.

    “Greetings,” said the alien. “I am Zorax from the planet Zog.”

    Campion and Purslane were amazed. They had never met an alien before.

    “What brings you to our planet?” asked Campion.

    “I have come to warn you,” said Zorax. “Your galaxy is in danger. The evil space pirate, Zoltar, is planning to destroy it.”

    Campion and Purslane knew they had to act fast. They jumped into Zorax’s spaceship and set off to stop Zoltar.

    They flew through space, dodging asteroids and battling Zoltar’s minions. Finally, they reached Zoltar’s ship.

    Campion and Purslane fought bravely against Zoltar’s army of robots. They managed to destroy them all and finally reached Zoltar himself.

    Zoltar was a huge, menacing figure with glowing red eyes. He laughed as he saw Campion and Purslane approach him.

    “You are too late,” he said. “My plan is already in motion.”

    Campion and Purslane knew they had to act fast. They used all their skills to defeat Zoltar and save the galaxy.

    In the end, they emerged victorious. They returned home as heroes, knowing that they had saved the galaxy from certain doom.

  6. It took me a moment to learn that this was the best place for my current "comment". I would love to discuss the implications further, but there is no chance in my mind that Dr. Reynolds has been or will be replaced by a chatbot anytime soon. I've trouble swallowing that it has been 10 years already since my brief fan contact with him at a reading in San Antonio, TX, but I still cherish every word, mainly on Audible these days. Below, I just tried to see what ChatGPT-3.5 could do with minimal instruction. Super-amusing. PAC

    My query: Propose a precis for a science fiction novel about the Fermi Paradox in the style of Alastair Reynolds.

    "Echoes of Silence"

    In the distant future, humanity has reached the stars, spreading across the galaxy in pursuit of the ever-elusive answer to the Fermi Paradox: why, despite the mathematical probability, has intelligent life not been detected elsewhere in the universe? As the powerful and enigmatic Revelation Corporation spearheads an ambitious interstellar colonization project, their primary aim remains the unraveling of this cosmic mystery.

    On the barren outskirts of a seemingly lifeless exoplanetary system, Dr. Samael Caelum, a brilliant yet reclusive astrophysicist, discovers an ancient artifact of extraterrestrial origin. This intricate, self-assembling device - the Nexus - appears to be part of a vast, interstellar network designed to silently observe countless worlds. As Caelum and his eclectic team of researchers delve into the Nexus, they find themselves tangled in a web of secrets, lies, and suppressed memories that have haunted humanity for millennia.

    The Revelation Corporation, driven by a dark agenda and desperate to control the Nexus, dispatches their ruthless enforcer, Aria Solis, to secure the device at any cost. As a deadly cat-and-mouse game unfolds, Caelum's team must grapple with the weight of the truth they uncover: an ancient cosmic war, lost civilizations, and the horrifying reason behind the Fermi Paradox.

    "Echoes of Silence" is a dark, intricate, and mind-bending journey that explores the depths of the human soul and the limits of scientific understanding. As Alastair Reynolds masterfully weaves together a rich tapestry of interstellar intrigue and profound existential questions, the novel forces us to confront the chilling possibility that silence in the cosmos may not be an accident, but a warning.