Sunday 6 November 2022

Mimi Parker

 Half an hour ago I was listening to Low's wonderful, wonderful album C'Mon, one of the great records of the last decade or so, and marvelling at what a phenomenal presence Mimi Parker is; just a fabulous drummer and singer. And now I see in the Guardian that her death has just been announced.

This is dreadful news. All good thoughts to Alan Sparhawk and their children, and thank you for the music, Mimi. You were one of the greats. And, as ever, fuck cancer.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely tragic, not only for (of course) Sparhawk and her children, but also for music fans. Low never went away but they had over the past few years metamorphized into something new and different from what they had been, and it sucks to know that we'll not find out where that would have gone. I'm (reasonably) sure Sparhawk will continue to make music, but Parker's vital part of it will now be forever missing.
    Truly sad and awful.