Wednesday 7 September 2022

Read for Pixels update

 A note that you can watch my reading and Q&A in support of The Pixel Project by going to Youtube:

If you'd like to support the Pixel Project's campaign to end violence against women, you can visit their donation page:

I've got two things on offer. One is an ARC of Eversion (two of the three have gone already) kindly supplied by Orbit, for which - once the buyers are known - I'll supply a signed and personalised bookplate. I'm also offering a "critique bundle", by which you get to send me a piece of short fiction or an excerpt from a large work, and I'll offer feedback.

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  1. I just finished _Eversion_ and found a disturbingly lovely little story. It reminded me a good bit of Gene Wolfe's _Peace_, which I hope is taken as a compliment.