Thursday 7 July 2022

Linda Hoover featuring Fagen and Becker

 Linda Hoover recorded an album with Fagen, Becker and Gary Katz just before the formation of Steely Dan. It's been unreleased for fifty years, but is now available. I consider myself something of a Dan head and I knew nothing of this. It sounds brill.

Full story via The Guardian:


  1. Not really my style, but I always like listening to older stuff and hearing how it was mixed and mastered, especially in the late 60s/early 70s when equipment vastly improved and engineering was taken more seriously than in the previous decades.

    I came by to say happy James Webb Day and ask if you've seen the first images. The first Webb deep field is astonishing, and to think it took 12 hours compared to the weeks for Hubble makes me wonder what else we'll see when Webb does truly long exposures, but I think for me the most striking image is the shot of Stephan’s Quintet:

    It looks like the four merging galaxies are aflame, and I wonder what the hell is happening to the star systems within those galaxies and any potential life there.

    Does this stuff get the imagination going for you?