Thursday 19 May 2022

A Star Trek thing, a Sparks thing and another Star Trek thing.

 Just a heads up to let you know that there's a nice, three-page interview with me in the current issue of Star Trek Explorer magazine (issue 2 of the relaunched mag), in which I talk about my love of classic Trek and some favorite episodes, among other things. Thanks to Nick and Mark for the interview, which I greatly enjoyed doing.

In other news, over the last few months I've found myself going down the Sparks rabbit hole. I've always liked Sparks as an idea, but haven't actually owned any of their records - until now. I didn't want to rush into it with these flash-in-the-pan acts.

Here's the splendid video for a great Sparks song from 1994:

But - hey - there's a Star Trek connection in this video, and rather a fun one. Can you figure it out? Form an orderly queue with your answers. (And no, that's not a Q reference).


  1. Hmm.. Rom and Quark spring to mind for some reason

  2. It's interesting that they've launched the magazine as a print-only venture when so many in the publishing world are going the opposite way.

    AR, have you had the chance to check out Strange New Worlds? As someone who grew up on TNG I've been bitterly disappointed with the Picard series, and Discovery has a relentless focus on the main character to the exclusion of all others, but SNW really nails that classic Trek feel. It's a true ensemble, the characters are likable, the adventures (so far) are perfectly Trek, and of course the visuals are beautiful. I hope it remains as strong as it has been through the first three episodes.

    1. I've not seen it yet, Nik. I think we have a bit of a wait in the UK, with the way the streaming works. I didn't see any episodes of Picard, and just a few of Discovery but I'm afraid the crackers science on the latter was a step too far, even for me.

    2. I'm amazed to be able to say this, but 100% with Nik on SNW. Despite being a prequel to TOS and (a Discovery S2 spin-off), after 7 episodes it's the most Star Trek thing in forever. We're watching it on Sky Cinema.

  3. There wasn't a stampede of attempts to answer that Star Trek link, so I'll y'all out of your misery.

    Sparks' touring drummer at the time was Christi Haydon (she features prominently in that video) and she also had a regular slot as a background bridge officer on ST:TNG.

  4. As if Q would ever be orderly 😜