Tuesday 22 June 2021



Good article in today's Guardian on Joni Mitchell's incomparable Blue, which is fifty years old.


I've mentioned it before, but digging into a Joni Mitchell boxset has been one of the great musical adventures of my life. So much genius, and yet more to discover.


  1. Fabulous album. I will be performing "A Case Of You" this coming Saturday at a concert in Seattle. I transcribed the dulcimer part as an acoustic guitar part and tweaked it very slightly to suit the instrument change. Lovely part. I was tempted to just buy a dulcimer though...

  2. Splendid! I had a look at your blog and I see what an accomplished musician you are.

  3. Such a sublime record. It’s always a good sign when there's no real consensus as to the best song on an album.

    Any new gems of Joni's you've discovered recently? I'm still woefully ignorant of most of her material from the eighties and beyond.

    1. I played Blue last week as it happened. I'm still working through the 60s and 70s albums. I think as I mentioned a while back Hegira is likely still my favorite but I look forward to exploring the more recent recordings. There was a pretty good Joni documentary on Sky Arts a few years ago, I think, which covered the ups and downs of the last 30-40 years.

    2. Yes, we're of like mind about Hejira's status as a masterpiece (though I think Hissing of Summer Lawns is still my favorite of hers). I'll check out the Sky Arts documentary, thanks!