Wednesday, 12 May 2021

New collection from Subterranean Press

 As mentioned here and there in the comments, Subterranean Press will be publishing a new collection from me in October, entitled Belladonna Nights and Other Stories.

Here's the very fine cover by Marc Simonetti:

The collection is my fourth, not counting the "best of" and is slanted toward more recent material, with the majority of the stories dating to the last ten years or so.

The contents are:

  • Introduction: Winter Did Come
  • Belladonna Nights
  • Different Seas
  • For the Ages
  • Visiting Hours
  • Holdfast
  • The Lobby
  • A Map of Mercury
  • Magic Bone Woman
  • Providence
  • Wrecking Party
  • Sixteen Questions for Kamala Chatterjee
  • Death’s Door
  • A Murmuration
  • Open and Shut
  • Plague Music
  • Night Passage
  • Story Notes

The book includes an entirely new (and fairly long) Revelation Space story, "Plague Music", as well as two previously uncollected RS tales, "Open and Shut" and "Night Passage". The title piece, which happens to be one of my personal favorites of my recent output, is a story taking place in the House of Suns universe. Other stories touch on ornithology, digital security, skateboarding and the perils to be had on the high-seas of the future.

I'm really delighted with this collection and enormously grateful to Sub Press for their continued support and enthusiasm for my work. And of course, thanks is due to the editors, publishers, readers and critics who support the vital micro-ecology of short fiction in science fiction.


  1. Looking forward to this; I love the quality of the books that are published by Subterranean Press. I am re-reading “House of Suns” after many years and must say that it is indeed one of the top SF novels I have read, even better the second time around.

  2. Ahead of you - pre-ordered last week! Two Reynolds books this year is a treat.

    1. Hang on, 2 books this year? I miss something somewhere??

    2. A new novel later this summer as well.

    3. Ooohhhh saaawwweeeeet! Didn't know! Thanks for all the goodness!

    4. Also meant to ask, any info on where one might acquire a signed copy at launch?

  3. It's a win/win when you get two AR books in one year. I'm a happy man...or will be once they arrive. 😊

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Now on order.

  5. Ordered. Looking forward to the new stories, especially the RS ones.

  6. Pre-ordered! Will be an excellent fall for reading.

  7. Any idea if it’s going to come out in the UK. :)

    1. Not from a British publisher, but I imagine some specialist SF booksellers might be able to import a copy.

    2. But you can buy it through Amazon UK:

  8. This is so exciting news. I was intrigued just by reading the names of the stories. But a new journey in the RS and House of Suns universes is like a dream come true.

  9. The publication date is three weeks before my birthday - how fortuitous!

  10. House of Suns is my absolute favorite novel, I'm very happy about the news of an addition to that universe. I even call my loved one a Shatterling :)
    RS is also very good. I find Conjoiners to be most interesting and desirable human faction / fantasy race / etc for myself.