Tuesday 14 July 2015

Frank Sidebottom and the Snows of Pluto

One of my most treasured posessions is this record from 1986, Frank Sidebottom's epoch-defining "sci-fi ep":

Other than containing some of the most inspired interpretations of popular sci-fi themes ever committed to vinyl - Frank's 2-second long "The Theme Tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is particularly noteworthy -  Frank was thoughtful enough to include some cutting edge "science fact". Here's the rear cover:

Among other choice factoids, Frank informs us that the Sun is "very big and very very hot", the moon is "not very interesting" and that the universe is believed to be made of "solid blamonge" beyond its edge. No arguing with any of that. However, Frank was really on the money when it came to Pluto:

Note Frank's prescient statement that it is "always snowing" on Pluto - a prediction that may turn out to be uncannily accurate in the light of recent data. What did Frank know that the rest of us didn't? Frank was also good enough to include a handy "check list" - "tick off the planets as man visits them (I have started it)" with Norwich crossed out. As Frank said: "Keep this sleeve by your radio and TV and as news comes through about mans' trips to other worlds - you'll have an instant record close at hand."

Cheers, Frank.


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