Thursday 5 September 2013

Chiefly nocturnal

Eagle Owl caption, Field museum of natural history, Chicago. I have no idea why the upright image insists on displaying like this, but I'll fix it when I return to the UK. Among many things about the wonderful Field museum, I loved that they had made no attempt to update the dated diction and tone of their older captions. I wish more museums kept faith with the past in this fashion, rather than constantly chasing an ever decreasing attention span. "This results in the discomfiture of the owl", indeed.


  1. Tell me you saw the Lions!!!

  2. A great museum. And an eloquent reminder from you that museums are museums of their own pasts as well as the pasts of the artifacts and art and etc. they display. Nicely said, Al.

  3. Still have to tilt my monitor to read it!