Tuesday 30 April 2013

Nuthatch eggs

Title says it all really. There are at least six eggs in this nestbox. If all goes to plan they should start hatching somewhere around May 14th.


  1. Well, I thought I'd break the duck here, no pun intended...

    Clearly, people are more interested in the SF than the birds, but as a former member of the RSPB, I thought I should wave a flag of interest.

    Your observations about birds reflect your diverse interests, but in contrast to many of your readers you are now located in the countryside, whereas the majority of the population live in urban areas. I think more would be interested if they had the opportunity to experience a different landscape. Though I reside in the suburbs of a major city, being in Sweden means lots of space so our house is surrounded by apple trees and a nuthatch has been seen in its branches. Currently two blue tits have settled into our nest box. And all this despite having a predator in the house (now I understand the wisdom of 'belling the cat' though!). We are not wholly animal lovers though, as we chase the wild deer out of the garden due to the ticks they carry and the tulips they eat.

  2. Will you take pics when they're hatching, or give them space? I loved watching the baby chickens hatch on the farm when I was a kid!

  3. Hi both

    DN - I hope to get some pics. It'll just be a question of timing, there's nothing intrusive about the camera since it's in the nestbox all the time. In theory it might happen over the weekend or into early next week, since by sunday we'll be at 14 days since the eggs were laid.

    CJA - oh, yes, I'm under no illusions that most of this birdy stuff is of only very slight interest to the majority of my visitors. I did even think of hiving it off to a separate blog, and perhaps I'll do so one day, if only as a sort of personal record of my photos and observations.

    And I'm still in the RSPB!