Tuesday 29 January 2013

National Space Centre - Leicester - Feb 13

I intend to blog about my excellent time in Detroit at Immortal Confusion, but in the meantime just a quick note that I'll be doing a few things at the National Space Centre on the 13th of Feb:


The schedule is still to be nailed down but it's likely that I'll be doing a reading and a couple of talks (probably the same one, at different time slots), as well as a Q&A session, probably throughout the afternoon. I'll also be happy to sign and personalise any books you may care to bring along, and of course I'll be available for general questions and chit-chat in what should be a very cool location. I've never been there, so I'm looking forward to it tremendously.


  1. Really wish I could attend, but seeing as how I'm in the US, going to be a bit difficult. On a completely unrelated note, how's the Dr Who book coming along?

  2. Finished the Who book in August. It's had to jump through a couple of approval hoops in the meantime, involving two rounds of edits, but we're into copy-editing now so the hard work is done.

  3. Excellent! Really looking forward to reading your Dr Who book.
    Doing any book signings for this?

  4. Who gives a crap! lol
    Nuh, looking forward to a prodigious year Al!

  5. Excited!! Looking forward to going tomorrow and getting BRE signed!! I'm only crying a bit as I cannot find my copy of Revelation Space. Oh well!! Sure I'll find it one day, and it's a great excuse for finding another excuse to see Al ;)

  6. Thanks Al.

    I hope you didn't get cramp, just the 10 hardbacks and two pamphlets to sign, my signed collection is looking healthy :)