Thursday 6 September 2012

Two things

Couple of items worth mentioning - I've just done a lengthy podcast interview with, which is available here, together with a useful transcript:

Thank you to John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley for giving me the opportunity to talk.

Elsewhere, there is now a fan forum for all things to do with my work, with a strong focus on the Revelation Space universe. The forum is nothing to do with me, but I wish it well and thank the instigators for taking the initiative. I suspect it would not be creatively healthy for me to spend time lurking around the place, so I shall strive not to do so unless specifically requested. The people behind this forum are also trying to gauge interest in a one-day convention for 2013, and to that end there is talk of an informal fan meet-up later in 2012, more of which you can find on the forum itself. Due to pressure of work there's little chance of me getting up to London for that, but if the 2013 event takes flight, I would do my best to make an appearance.



  1. Downloaded the podcast and will probably listen to it today. Oddly enough, I felt I was reaching saturation point on podcasts last night, switched a bunch out, and loaded the iPod up with things like King Crimson and Fripp/Eno!

    Had a problem with some Crimson though...having "grown up" on them on LP, the pops and crackles of vinyl recordings are engraved in my brain. I almost miss that extraneous noise on the Crimson albums!

    1. I joined the Juggler and Shrouder forum this morning after reading your tweet about might be right about not visiting it too often, so just knock out another 5 RS books please (next one before Xmas please so I can get it on my kid's 'Dad's Present' list!

  2. @Fred Kiesche: I love the new Steven Wilson remasters of the 60's/70's King Crimson back catalogue (coming from someone who also owns most of them on vinyl.) The opening mellotron bit on In the Wake of Poseidon (song) makes the hair on my arm stand up!

    Anyway, that was a very cool interview. I'm happy to hear that the sequel to Blue Remembered Earth will deal more with humans expanding out into space. As much as I liked BRE, I felt it was really claustrophobic. From what I'm reading in the interview, it sounds as if that was exactly what you were trying to convey. Also, I really hope that you do something with the planet that might have life on it. I'm a complete sucker for that kind of stuff! Can't wait for the next one!

  3. I'm looking forward to listening to that podcast. The longer the better! And I'm really enjoying that new forum so far; seems like a dedicated fan forum should have sprung up about ten years ago. Better late than never, I suppose.

    It would be great to have you visiting, though I can see why you wouldn't want to spend too much time on your own fan forum.

  4. P.S. On a very unrelated note, I love that you mentioned the great Toumani Diabaté in Blue Remembered Earth. He's one of my favorites!

  5. Finally catching up with my blogs -- loved the Underwire piece. I am looking forward to the BRE sequel and the Who novel, but all the Revelation Space references are making me want to go back and read that whole series again!