Monday 16 January 2012

Read an excerpt from Blue Remembered Earth

Over at the Gollancz blog, they'll be posting some chapters from the new book over the next few days. To kick off, my editor Simon Spanton has written a very kind piece about the author, and you can already read the start of the novel (kind of a pro-prologue, I think).


  1. Hi, excellent Blog, and Excellent books!

    Will BRE be released on Amazon kindle?


  2. Hi there,

    just started digging into BRE and loving it :) I'm just at the point where Jitendra is talking a little about theory of mind, and don't yet know whether this is elaborated, but I just couldn't not post you a link to this guy re. that subject:

    There's also a ted talk by him that succinctly describes his theories. Just in case you hadn't heard about him and to point to how we already today know more about how it all might work than is often claimed.


  3. All I have is...

    thank you for all that you do.