Friday 26 June 2020

Two online things and Jeremy

Here in lockdown (we're still in it in Wales) I've done more than the usual number of online interviews and appearances. Each has been enjoyable; each a privilege, each has probably had me scrambling around at the last minute in a sweaty tizz trying to get something to work which definitely worked the last time I tried it. A particular and much treasured highlight was snapping the clip on my webcam 30 minutes before I was due to go live. Thank goodness for superglue and duct tape.

The first of these links is to a podcast interview on the "Daniel and Jorge explain the universe" show, which you can find here.

(Full link: )

On this hour-long show I was imterviewed by Daniel Whiteson, himself a physicist, about the ins and outs of the Revenger universe. The first half of the podcast consists of Daniel and Jorge talking through the setup of my future solar system, while my interview comes in the second half. Thank you both for such an enjoyable discussion.

The second event I'd like to mention is a joint Q&A chat I did with Adrian Tchaikovsky, in which we took a series of questions posted by readers and answered them on the fly. That was great fun and I'd like to thank Adrian and our Orbit colleagues (including Angela Man) for setting it up and helping it go smoothly, as well as all who followed and/or posted questions. I'm just sorry we weren't able to get to them all, but time was against us.

There's a video playback of our conversation here, also about an hour long:

Finally, last year I dug out a couple of ponds next to my writing room. I've been really, really hoping I'd get frogs and a few weeks ago I was rewarded with my first sighting. Now, thanks to careful observations, we've established that there are at least three (three!) frogs in my ponds.

This is Jeremy:

Say hello to Jeremy.


  1. I very much enjoyed your conversation with Adrian. I appreciate your detailed response to my question. I’m glad you mentioned that House of Suns was - at least relatively - the easiest novel for you to write. It reads in a rather effortless manner, and so I asked that question wondering if you’d bring it up. It was also nice to hear that writing A Spy in Europa was such a frictionless process; it’s always been one of my favorite short stories of yours.

    Another point from that conversation - Not that you should pay attention to anything but your own muse, but I hope you stick with whatever crazy plot development you were referencing in the new RS novel you’re working on; the odder the better!

    Your interview about the physics of the Revenger trilogy was quite interesting, and it gave me a renewed appreciation for the depth and detail of that universe.

    Greetings, Jeremy!(from across a pond far larger than any you've lived in)

  2. Hello Jeremy. Hope your legs don't end up as a delicacy.

  3. Hello, Jeremy!

    What species of frog is he?