Tuesday 2 June 2020

Event postponed

In view of events in the United States, it's been decided (in my view very sensibly) to postpone the online Q&A with Adrian and me until a later date, hopefully not too far into June or July.

In the meantime - and bollocks to anyone who mentions virtue signalling - black lives matter.


  1. Have some gratitude from Oakland, California for the explanation and adding your voice in support. Sad for the delay but glad of the reason.

  2. Indeed, they do. Thanks for saying so.

    I've found this article/list immensely helpful in trying to figure out how to help/educate myself: https://www.adhoc.fm/post/black-lives-matter-resources-and-funds/

  3. Well said, Al. We'll keep an eye out for the new date and hopefully make that. Hope you're both safe and well.

  4. I would not come here either. I wish that I could leave.

  5. As a Welshman myself, I attended the protest here today in Adelaide. The message was a little blurred between AU Aboriginal rights, US African rights, and general human rights. With a little bit of corona angst to boot. Very Commonwealth and generally humanist I must say, and I was proud of how many attended and kept it safe from covid and other nonsenses.

    I will keep an eye on the A.T. event. I have not yet bought your Baxter tie-up but if there is one British author today I would like to see you work on big concepts with it is Adrian (especially ark ships, aliens, and new beginnings). Or if your wives allowed you to go full porn mode, let's be honest it would be tentacled katana wielding pig zombies with Peter F.