Monday 1 June 2020

Orbit live event with Adrian Tchaikovsky (now postponed - see above)

In a couple of days I'll be doing a joint live event with the excellent Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Clarke award winning novel Children of Time.

Per the press release:

"Join science fiction authors Alastair Reynolds and Adrian Tchaikovsky (
) next Wednesday June 3 for a conversation about their books, space travel, and giant spiders. Plus, a live Q&A!"

Register here:

I hope to see and interact with some of you on Wednesday.


  1. It will take place at 4am here in Australia so I'll have to give it a miss. Can you spoil the first Question early? What are your current and next full length projects?

  2. As we're now postponed, I don't suppose there'll be any harm in answering this one. My next novel will be the one I'm working on, due out second quarter 2021. I don't want to say too much about it other than that it's set in the Revelation Space universe, later in the chronology than the other novels.

    1. Cheers Al! All the best from Adelaide.

    2. Kann es kaum abwarten! Der Revelation-Space Zyklus und die dazu gehörenden Bücher über Gendarm Dreyfus sind Science Fiction auf höchstem Niveau. Da kommt kaum ein Autor ran. Ich hoffe auf baldige Übersetzung ins Deutsche der noch nicht übersetzten Bücher.

  3. Why the postponement? But +1 for a new Revelation Space novel.

  4. See the announcement in the post above.