Monday 12 September 2011


Just a minor heads up to say that I've given the website a dust over and will be looking at adding some additional content over coming weeks. Not sure how many people actually read author websites these days, but hopefully there's some vaguely useful stuff there. As always, I'm not looking for help with running or designing the site (I know it's not slick, but that's kind of the point - it's mine, all mine, and has been for 16 years), but any suggestions will be taken on onboard.


  1. Oh man, reading through the RS timeline makes me really hope for more stories in that universe. I like it there... I just started rereading the 3 main novels in German to see if I missed anything when I read the original versions 4 years or so ago... German is an annoying language. Site is nice and to the point. The minimal approach is the way to go. I think we might be over the sense-numbing, ├╝berfancy sites of the naughts.

  2. Hi. I enjoy browsing author websites. So you have at least one interested in your website. I especially love knowing about different authors writing processes.

    The green slightly clashes with the red from this blog ;)


  3. That site probably handles most queries, though I'd add a "what is the next book/when is it coming out" to the FAQ and your twitter address

  4. Might I suggest using a content management system such as wordpress to run your site? Makes keeping it looking good really easy.

  5. The text is too damn small!

  6. I think there are quite a few of us that read author web sites. I am waiting for something I *know* is worth 10-15EU i pay for a book.

    Still don't do ebook readers. Too small, too fragile and too expensive. Even after all that, i doubt i will stop buying books. In fact i doubt i will use ebooks till they come free with the paperback.

    In the mean time, I read author websites ;)

  7. Hi Al,
    Enjoying the updated content on your website, thanks for the effort. Quick question, I've been looking for a copy of "Consequences" to read your story 'Magic Bone Woman' for ever. Any chance you'll ever post it on the site?

  8. Can i put up a link to your site on mine? The page here listed (multiverse) would be where the link goes and this is for fun and not for selling stuff fyi. No pressure, not a big deal if you pass!

    Also, reading Year's Best SF28 (wow!--GD is still the master editor). Didn;t get to your ss yet, but man those stories are so great! But you always manage to razzle-dazzle, no? So i wanted to mention "The Things". Not only did that story scare the p. out of me, but it was a masterful rendition of the movie The Thing (based on classic Who Goes There?). We got to find out what the alien thinks the whole time! Ahhh! the blood test!!! "I am being Childs. I am being Windows. i am wearing Fuchs." One of the best stories ever! Wish you could take us back to one of our favourite movies and shine your authors searchlight on that concept? from the aliens perspective/ Fire in the Sky/ Close Encounters/ War of the Worlds/ such possiblity, but only in skilled hands.

    Take care, sir. you still produce too fast for me to grok at an even pace, but unlike many, you have not disappointed yet as i've dove through what i can so far.

    Also, is that really you on Facebook? There are about 475 of us now that simply 'like' the concept of you having a fb page lol. only info up there is your name!

    Last Thing! Get hold of Google AdSense for your site. it's free and you are paid for clicks. With the visitors you can expect to your website, you would make a killing (well, a number greater than zero, at least, from your observation that there may or may not be a lot of people checking an 'authors website' lol). And you need the money. just kidding, like prince at this point there is no way you do it for the money...

    The First Thing: i have a fan page on fb at "QUantum Auto Parts". If u ever have time to check, and like it, do. Some celebrities and fan pages have walls some don't. Tricia helfer has a page and a wall. jeri ryan just a wiki page. brian greene has a wall, but you cant be his friend. edward witten has a wall and wiki page, and he just accepted me as a friend! Anyway, i bring this up because not having a wall and just a wiki page makes fan pages look like they don't care about the fans, and are not caught up with the times. So, when you do finally get around to your facebook page, consider whether you wanna be like jr and bg (too good to rub shoulders lol), or like TH (Ceylon Six) and Dr. M-Theory?