Thursday 8 April 2021


 This excellent bird book was a family favorite in the 1970s. I believe it was purchased on a holiday in Barmouth, North Wales.

It came back to me after a recent bereavement and I remembered that I had logged many bird sightings in the Bridgend and Barry area between 1977 and 1978. I had not seen a siskin, though, and since I did happen to see a beautiful pair of siskins yesterday, I thought I might as well add an another entry:

And here is a siskin - not the one I saw yesterday, but another sighting today, about 40 miles away:


  1. A sighting 40 miles away? You must have exceptional eyesight!

    What a beautiful book and how special to add an entry after so many years.

  2. Ah! Mine was the Observers Book of British Birds. I sneak across the border myself occasionally to do a spot of birding at WWT Llanelli :-)