Friday 6 March 2020

Clarkesworld interview

Clarkesworld's Arley Sorg very kindly offered to interview me for the March edition. You can read the result here:


  1. Another great interview. I like them long as they're pretty much a story in itself.

  2. I emailed you a while back when I discovered your books. I was glad you replied though I lost access to that email. I am very glad you are still active. I just picked up the first two revenger series books. I cannot wait to dive in. I hope you continue and stay well!

  3. Mr. Reynolds,

    Was Diamond Dogs a reference to the Bowie album?

    (I know it seems silly & obvious, but I'm trying to find a citation for Wikipedia.)


  4. Yes but at the time I wasn't all that familiar with the album or the song, I just liked the title and though it would work well with the novella. Later I was pleased with the coincidence between the reference to Tod Browning in the lyrics, and the Robert Browning nods in the original novella.

  5. Spoiler warning for those who’ve not read Bone Silence.

    I thought this was an enjoyable, illuminating interview. I hadn’t considered that you had a specific narrator in mind for Bone Silence. I suppose my best guess would be the quoins as a larger entity, though perhaps I’m missing something obvious. I quite liked Bone Silence; I thought it was a fitting end to the trilogy. I enjoyed the way you threaded the narratives of the two sisters together - I had been expecting you to have them narrate alternating chapters, but I think your approach is smoother. In my view, the sequences where Fura and her crew are attempting to fight off Stallis’s fleet and Adrana et al are sneaking into Travenza Reach are masterful and some of the best things you’ve written. I must say, though, that the revelations in the final third of the book really only make me more curious about the setup of the Revenger universe. I do hope you return to it and expand on humanity’s place in the galaxy.

    Anyway, thanks for yet another wonderful trilogy, and I hope you’re staying well and out of the way of this nasty little virus going around.