Tuesday 9 April 2019

Titans of Sci-Fi event

On the 18th of April I'll be in Waterstones Picadilly in London, talking SF with Temi Oh and Emma Newman, with Pat Cadigan (rather than Gavin Smith as originally announced) chairing our conversation.I thoroughly enjoyed Planetfall, Emma's first SF novel (and am now catching up with her other works, including the newly-released Atlas Alone) and I was greatly impressed with Temi's debut, which is a powerful meditation on the consequences of leaving home. Decades-long interstellar voyages feature in both their works, as well as mine, so we should have plenty to talk about.


"Emma Newman is the author of Planetfall, After Atlas, Before Mars and Atlas Alone. She is also a professional audiobook narrator, and co-writes and hosts a Huge nominated podcast called Tea & Jeopardy.

Temi Oh is the debut author of Do You Dream of Terra-Two?  Having studied Neuroscience, Temi has written on topics ranging from Philosophy of the Mind to Space Physiology. She has also ran a book-group called “Neuroscience-fiction,” leading discussions about science-fiction books which focus on the brain."


  1. This does look rather good, if a little too far from home.

    I've loved Emma Newman's Planetfall novels, all different but great in their own ways. And I saw the Temi Oh book last week in Waterstones and thought it looked interesting. Have a good night!

  2. I think I can make it. How open are you to the background and technical details of your worldbuilding process?

  3. Unless I am mistaken ( always possible:-)). Tea and Jeopardy wasn't just nominated for a Hugo, but won one in 2017..