Monday, 15 April 2019

Gene Wolfe 1931 - 2019

Gene Wolfe has died.

I feel I ought to say more, but it's late and I'm tired. I'll leave it with this: it took me years to find a way into his work, but once I did, I was never the same again. He changed me as a writer and, I think, a human being. I never met him properly (although we did once participate in a panel via video link) but I got to write about him a few times, and his passing leaves us immeasurably poorer.

Thank you, Mr Wolfe.


  1. Thanks for flagging Wolfe's passing Al.

    Exactly 32 years to this day I met Gene for the first and last time. It was my very first Science Fiction convention, the annual British event held that year in Birmingham, again at Easter. Wolfe wasn’t a guest of honour he was simply just there. A year or so earlier I had written a perspective on both the last book of the New Sun Quartet and the books leading up to it, for which I had won 2nd prize in a BSFA competition (an enthusiastic but somewhat na├»ve account of somebody in his early 20s). When I realized Gene Wolfe was at the con, I brought my recent copy of his latest book, Soldier of the Mist for him to sign. I joined the long signing queue, but when I got to the front I froze and spluttered when he asked me how he should dedicate the book. I muttered something about having reviewed his book. Hence that’s what he put underneath his signature.

  2. Another great one gone. I've a mate who loved is work so much, that he had a 'Book of the New Sun' wedding cake...along with a proper wedding cake.
    He will be greatly missed.

  3. I like his writings, too. Sad that he's gone and there will be no new books to enjoy.