Sunday 27 June 2010

It's approaching

Jonathan Strahan has some great news: at last, Godlike Machines, which contains my long story "Troika", looks like it's going to happen. Here's the order page on the Science Fiction Book Club:

And here's the very cool cover:

The downside is that you won't be able to get this unless you're in the SFBC, and to do that you'll need to live in the US and have a credit card - or know someone with an SFBC membership. However, I know that Jonathan is keen to get the book to a wider audience if at all possible, so an orthodox publication isn't ruled out.


  1. I need a copy of this book! I love SF on massive scales. Here's to hoping a used copy shows up on Amazon.

  2. Yep, this is a must-have. Not only does it feature your work, but I see my boys from down-under, Sean and Greg, in there too!

  3. Holy donut! That was mean... I already jumped up and down screaming with joy as this book sounded REALLY great... And then you tell us that there's no way to buy it... And now I'm crying...

    Want! Need! Have to read!

    Fun summer to Al!

    Best, Toni, Finland

  4. Looks fantastic, definitely a must buy for me. SFBC has been slipping a lot lately, but it's how I buy Mr. Reynolds books now. Just hoping there's a Yes lyric reference to catch . . .

  5. I don't get this. Is the whole point to bump up subscriptions to the SFBC? If it's not, and they actually want to sell copies of this book, there are other ways to get it out there (Kindle/Nook eBook, Amazon publishing, etc.)

  6. Books like this are meant as incentives to join the SFBC, I think. Although as far as I'm aware, Godlike is the last original anthology they'll be doing.

    (I wrote my story between late 2007 and early 2008, so this book has been a while coming. I'm just happy that it may actually appear, something that didn't seem at all likely even a few months ago).

  7. Andrew Breitenbach12 July 2010 at 09:40

    Eek. I belong to the SFBC, and this page no longer exists there, and searching for GODLIKE MACHINES or Strahan doesn't bring it up. Nor is it listed in their short fiction area. I hope this doesn't mean it died again.

    Incidentally, around how many words is "Troika"?

  8. I hope it hasn't died again as well!

    Troika is about 27,000 words.

  9. Andrew Breitenbach14 July 2010 at 09:08

    Ooooo... that's one meaty novella. Tasty!

    Weirdly enough, the pre-order page exists again. I don't get it. Searching for Strahan still won't pick it up, but if you search for ISBN 9781616647599 the SFBC site will find it. Odd.

    Also, according to a July 2 post on Strahan's blog he's finishing up the proofs, so I take that as a good sign:

    Some of the previous SFBC-only anthologies were later picked up by other publishers (like THE VAMPIRE SEXTET and THE DRAGON QUARTET), so there's always the possibility it will show up later if one isn't an SFBC member.

  10. Althought it has not been stong on Mr. Reynolds, I'm still surprised at the number of people here who are not members of the SFBC. I know they've been in a little trouble and fired their editor not too long ago, but still I will say this: if they'd like their decline to continue, stopping the production of original anthologies is a good way to go about it.

    I preorder nothing, but will order just as soon as it is available.

  11. "I know that Jonathan is keen to get the book to a wider audience if at all possible, so an orthodox publication isn't ruled out. "

    If "orthodox publication" means that I can get the book on Amazon UK some day in the near future, then "Troika here I come!"

    Adam Fleury:)