Wednesday 2 June 2010

Apocalyptic SF - we don't just do cheery and optimistic, you know

I'm still blogging over at Babel Clash (see last post) but in the meantime, it looks as if Mike Ashley's Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF has appeared, just in time to be packed for your beachside summer reading. Most of the stories are reprints, but the book does contain new fiction by Eric Brown, Paul di Fillipo, F Gwynplaine MacIntyre, Robert Reed, and myself. Sadly, the book also includes the last new story by the late and much admired Kage Baker.

My piece is a longish story entitled "Sleepover", set off the coast of Patagonia in the 23rd century, after the world has (nearly) ended. The finished cover is slightly different to this, and I was also sent an otherwise identical copy of the book entitled "The Mammoth Book of the End of the World", but I think this is the title they decided to run with.


  1. I can't find this on Amazon.. Help?

  2. Try ...? It's there. I should have mentioned that as far as I know this is only a UK/Commonwealth publication at the moment.

  3. Martin Sommerfeld3 June 2010 at 03:43

    For uk-only books I can recommend - it has free shipping/delivery worldwide and it worked fine last year for me here in Germany.
    Here is the link for The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF

    Best regards, Martin

  4. I like that this book is "apocalyptic" and not "post-apocalyptic." I love stories about what happens after the world ends, and I really love stories that are set when the world is ending.

  5. I'm finding it hard to find a table of contents, even on the publisher's site.

  6. Thanks Martin for the book depository recommendation. I was all set to order on, with their horrid shipping rates til I saw your post...saved me 10 dollars! thanks!

  7. contents:

    When we went to see the end of the world - Robert Silverberg

    The End of the World - Sushma Joshi

    The Clockwork Atom Bomb - Dominic Green

    Bloodletting - Kate Wilhelm

    When Sysadmins ruled the World - Cory Doctorow

    The Rain at the End of the World - Dale Bailey

    The Flood - Linda Nagata

    The End of the World Show - David Barnett

    Fermi and Frost - Frederik Pohl

    Sleepover - Alastair Reynolds

    The Last Sunset - Geoffrey Landis

    Moments of Inertia - William Barton

    The Books - Kage Baker

    Pallbearer - Robert Reed

    And the Deep Blue Sea - Elizabeth Bear

    The Meek - Damien Broderick

    The Man who Walked Home - James Tiptree JR

    A Pail of Air - Fritz Leiber

    Guardians of the Phoenix - Eric Brown

    Life in the Anthropocene - Paul di Filippo

    Terraforming Terra - Jack Williamson

    World Without End - F Gwynplaine MacIntyre

    The Children of Time - Stephen Baxter

    The Star called Wormwood - Elizabeth Counihan

  8. Great thanks for the post and full content! First place in the net where I found it, finally =)

  9. Sounds great! Is this or will this book be available as digital book somewhere?

  10. WJ: I don't know, I'm afraid!

  11. I found this on Amazon (US), in a Kindle version.