Wednesday 19 July 2023

End User (a short story)

 You wait ages (or maybe not) for a piece of online fiction from me, and then another comes along. This one actually went online a few weeks ago, but I neglected to link to it. It's one of two pieces of commissioned fiction I've agreed to do for Auki Labs, an interesting new tech venture, based around the theme of augmented reality. This one (per the invitation from Auki) looks at some of the less great ramifications around big tech and user privacy.

There's more fiction coming to Auki's medium on the broad theme of AR, in addition to the three pieces already up, by me and others. Well worth checking out. I'll be doing another piece for them shortly, this one taking a less dystopian slant. Thanks to my friends Nils and Karen at Auki for starting the ball rolling.


  1. I saw this one coming :). It could be a nice black mirror episode.

  2. I've bookmarked it, thanks. Just wanted to chip in some positivity about Eversion. Such a great blend of other facets of your previous work (steampunk, bottle mystery,

  3. Thank you for all of the many hours and days of enjoyment.

    Found a small typo in Inhibitor Phase

    Chapter 25, page 334 second paragraph: ‘I began to retract the Harpoon, using the manual, winch handle built into the side the gun.’

    Should be, ‘built into the side of the gun.’

    Your most humble servant

  4. I stumbled onto this story by chance, and it was a pleasant surprise. Unassuming at first, it really gets under your skin. Very timely and a great read!

  5. The captions reminded me of the generic text that usually accompanies Chinese-made knockoff stuff on Amazon: "Fashion glasses for a more exciting life!" and that sort of thing.

    Doug picking up "a Chinese" is one of those things that makes me wonder why those little geographical quirks exist in the English language. I hadn't heard that used for takeout -- sorry, "takeaway" -- until a few years ago when I saw a skit by an Indian comedy group imagining a bunch of people in India going out "for an English" and being rude to the British waiter.

    Sad to say I don't think the story is far fetched. Antonio's right, it would fit right in as a Black Mirror episode.

    1. That skit is from the very funny "Goodness Gracious Me", with Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar etc. It's spot-on!

    2. Yes, that's the one! Thanks for mentioning the title, I just found it on Youtube and watched it again.

      As always, your stories are awesome and I'm looking forward to your next augmented reality short...and of course the next Dreyfus novel.