Wednesday 1 September 2021

Audible edition of Inhibitor Phase

 I've heard from various sources (with thanks) that there have been some production errors with the Audible version of the new book, with at least part of chapter sixteen missing. I've raised the matter through the relevant channels and the problems are being looked into. I'm assured that once the corrections have been made, listeners will be able to delete their current download and re-download the corrected version without any trouble.

I'm very sorry for this. If any of you are aware of the specific omissions, leave a message in the comments and I will then post the missing passages in this blog.


  1. It’s chapter 7 in the audio book , but chapter six in the paper book, from when if I win two rounds we proceed to the next port of call… a couple of words later it just stops something like pages 78-84 and then it just starts audible chapter 8 book chapter 7

  2. Audible ch7 book , ch6 pages 78-84 missing

  3. OK, many thanks for that. I don't know why the chapter numberings differ.

    1. It's because the first "Chapter" is an introduction. "This is Audible... etc."

  4. It's not an error: They're hearing Volyova's ghosts.