Friday 13 August 2021

Interview with Forbidden Planet

 In the run-up to the publication of Inhibitor Phase, I did a video interview with Andrew Sumner and Forbidden Planet.

There's also a short interview with me in the forthcoming issue of SFX, but I don't think that will be available online.

Current reading (just finished):

I thought Simenon was pretty good when I read him 20 years ago, but now he's off the scale. He hasn't changed; I have.


  1. Alastair, your THE UNIVERSE is the Revelation Space Universe. Your time is limited. Stop wasting your time on other things, like many authors before you did. Remember Roger Zelazny, Frank Herbert, George R. R. Martin (alas, he's wasted too much time and will likely die before he finish A Song of Ice and Fire books). This is just reader's opinion, but hear me out. House of Suns universe maybe worth it. Everything else, especially Revenger and BRE universes, don't. Sorry, I know, it hurts, but they just DON'T WORTH the time. Stop wasting your time. Please. Please.

  2. My time is even more limited now.

  3. Good interview! You said 27th/28th century without tying it down - is there anything more definite about when Inhibitor Phase opens?

    I'd already pre-ordered from Forbidden Planet as that allows me to get the hardback (for some reason the 1st eds of your books in Oz are the larger paperback versions and I like hardbacks more ;-). I noted that the interviewer mentioned a great relationship between you and the shop - any chance that in future they might offer signed copies for purchase when a new book comes out? (obviously ship has sailed on the steel breeze for Inhibitor Phase, but perhaps for Eversion?).

  4. I don't have the timeline with me right now but it's around 2780 when it opens, so I was wrong to say 27th century.

    FP have done signed copies of my titles, but that was pre-Covid. Normally I'd travel up around publication time and sign a bunch of stock, but we haven't done that for a couple of years.

  5. Great news your new books.
    For my tastes RE and Pushing Ice is my favourite from yours. I hope the new Big Dumb Object novel does not show many characters tribulations a la Pushing Ice but more sense of wonder. I consider Diamond Dogs one of the best short story I ever read.Planning to use it on my future tabletop Call Of Cthulhu space adventure.
    It is a pity your short collections are not translated in Spanish. Here in Spain short fiction is not much appreciated by editors.
    Inhibitor Phase will be edited in Spain, sure?
    With the new book I hope so but...
    Last year I was ready to hear you in Celsius Festival but covid.
    I hope you come around here soon.
    Greetings from Asturias and keep on writing.

  6. Much love for Pushing Ice.

    Thinking of the RS milieu today and wishing I had a gamma-level partial to run my correspondence.