Tuesday 13 October 2020

Random observation

 Assuming no change in human longevity, someone alive in the 23rd century will have a clear memory of meeting someone who lived through Covid-19.

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  1. That assumes civilisation doesn’t collapse from the climate catastrophe, or some other man-made poisoning of the earth. We are currently killing the earth in 10,000 different ways. How many of those can man reverse?

    Answer: Not enough, when our leaders are driven by naked greed.

    GREED is truly the most terrible challenge of our times, and capitalism is its tool, its means to power and more greed.

    Greed is a (contagious) mental illness, an unfillable hole, a hunger that denies justice, a brutal expression of broken egos.

    Greed is having a million times as much as the poor and still feeling you don't have enough.

    Greed consumes the earth without respite, and is a cancer on humanity.

    Greed destroys us and our children and their future.

    Greed is death.