Saturday 7 December 2019

Lost Doctor Who episodes uncovered

Tardis interior still from "The Two Masters", originally transmitted 5/12/72. Unlike most of the lost recordings, this one was deliberately wiped because it was depressing and shit.

In other news, I have a short piece in The Guardian today, on interstellar visitors:

A couple of errors crept into the text during sub-editing - Oumuamua is most likely an asteroid, not a comet, and solar systems have biochemistry, not stars. I sent back a corrected text but they still ran the version with the errors.


  1. Read it three times to find the errors, lol.
    And for your sake, The "Tory" Masters will be wiped for the same reason as the Doctor Who show.

  2. Corbyn somewhat reminds one of Roger Delgado, the original Master. He has that creepy look about him. Boris just looks like a muppet.