Monday 13 February 2017

Megatech - Technology in 2050

Due out at the end of March is this exceedingly handsome paperback from the Economist, full of smart and informed speculation about the state of the world in the coming mid-century, and also containing two original short stories. One - entitled Ma Ganga - is by the excellent Nancy Kress, and the other - entitled "Visiting Hours" - is by me. My piece takes a speculative look at advances in neuroprosthetic medical technology, springing off from developments already making the headlines.

The 242p page book is edited by Daniel Franklin and contains non-fiction contributions from Tom Standage, Frank Wilczek, Melinda Gates, Oliver Morton, and many others. I am very pleased to be among such esteemed company.

I haven't yet found a link to it on the Economist's UK website, but here's a link from the US version:


  1. This looks cool. I may purchase it and place it in the lobby of the after-school computer programming center I work at. It'd be nice to read during down time, and I think many of the children's parents would also find it interesting (hopefully the kids take an interest as well!).
    Also, I read Slow Bullets recently and liked it very much; it's got such a great sense of atmosphere to it. I almost immediately loaned it to a friend and bought another copy so that my younger brother wouldn't have to wait to read it.

  2. Hi Al,

    This looked very interesting and a great resource for anybody trying to write near future SF. Yours and Nancy's stories are a great bonus, but it's the first aspect that made me buy it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. The process of purchasing the e-book was a story in itself, as it requires an Adobe ID. Finally, I found that I had unwittingly got one via subscription to photo shop.

    To return the favour, I was drawn by this weeks Science magazine to a new book, a personal account of the history of gravitational waves and the LIGO project, by Harry Collins it's called Gravity's Kiss. I'm a biochemist, but I have been really drawn to this story and it's final chapter which emerged recently. I even commentated on my blog!