Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Diamond Dogs goes live, general service update etc

The stage version of Diamond Dogs, which I've mentioned on and off during its development phase, is now playing at the House Theatre of Chicago. The run - which has already begun - continues until the 5th of March.

The play is adapted from my original novella set in the Revelation Space universe, and deals with the psychological allure of a lethal but tantalising alien artefact floating just above the surface of the alien planet Golgotha. Drawn to this trap-cum-puzzle is a small but determined team of explorers and chances, intent on getting to the top of the Spire.

Directed by Nathan Allen, the play is an adaptation by Althos Low , a pen name for Shanghai Low Theatricals, a group dedicated to bring challenging works to the stage. Frankly you couldn't get much more challenging than a piece of space-operatic dark SF, involving interstellar travel, cyborg prosthetics and a monstrous alien structure - but suitably undaunted, Shanghai Low (with chief adaptor Steve Pickering) have put together what is by all accounts a very striking and inventive production, involving hi-tech stage design, imaginative costume work, and the resourceful and skilled puppetry of Mary Robinette Kowal, already greatly respected within SF circles as a fine writer. The script, which I read some months ago, is clever and involving, and very true to the beats of the original story. This is the first adaptation of any of the Revelation Space stories into another medium, and I can't wait to see it.

Assuming there is still such a thing as the United States a month from now, I'll do my best to be in Chicago in the latter part of February and catch at least one or two performances. Chicago is absolutely one of my favorite cities anywhere in the world, so it will be far from a hardship to pay a return visit. But first, a book must be finished, among other commitments which prevent me getting over sooner.

Here's a link to the House Theatre:

If you're within reach of Chicago, and you like my stuff, why not give it a go?

Link to a larger version of the poster

In other news ... not much to share, in all honesty. I'm late with the aforementioned book, so it's been head down for several months trying to wrestle that particular python. In publishing news, the US print edition of Revenger will appear soon, as will the UK edition of my novella Slow Bullets, but I'll do proper blog posts nearer the time for those two events. And, rather abruptly, perhaps, I decided to leave Twitter and deactivate my account. One or two people were kind enough to ask if all was well, and indeed it was, but I'd been tweeting less and less as we went into the latter half of 2016, and it seemed as good a time as any to knock it on the head. Rather than risk temptation, I decided that the safest option was to close the account. Good thing too, as there've been a number of occasions when I felt the urge to tweet something, and I doubt I'd have had the self-control not to go back onto it full-time.

So anyway, here we are - 2017. Best wishes to you all, and onward.



  1. Wow, I so badly wish I was in the area to see the play. Any other plans for stage or tv/film adaptations of your work? Always thought that Revelation Space would make for an incredible film series

  2. Dr. Reynolds, that is really fascinating. I found the 'Diamond Dogs' novella to be one of your more difficult works to digest, because it was so unrelentingly dark... I read it years ago, but it's really stayed with me. It's kind of a Hitchcockian look at obsession, Alastair Reynolds-style. I wish I lived near Chicago; I'd definitely go see this!

  3. Best wishes to you too Alastair for 2017. Regarding your twitter account I too was concerned if all was well but then figured that you had some writing commitments and wanted to ensure that deadlines were met. Regarding your upcoming book can't wait to read it. In the mean time I am planning on going back to my Revelation Space novels to refresh my memory..Take Care.

  4. The stage production sounds amazing. I would love to see it, but alas no chance of getting to the US. Re Twitter - glad that you are OK - that's the main thing - but I do miss your comments. Maybe one day you will return - I'm sure your fans would love that. Look forward to your next book! Have a great week.

  5. First human-pig 'chimera' created in milestone study

    Hyperpigs poised to be a reality.

  6. This looks like such a wonderful production; wish we could get up there to see it before it closes. Missing you on Twitter - I completely understand the need to take a break, only where will I get my obscure music recommendations now??

  7. If it ever gets a run downunder, I'd love to see it! Hope it's a success!

  8. Hi Al, I wonder if anyone has ever pointed out to you that you've misspelled your own name in your Blogspot About Me?

    "I'm Alastair Reynold, a science fiction writer based in Wales."?

  9. Hi Drab - mostly likely that error's only been there since I updated the bio a couple of days ago. I've just fixed it again.

  10. That poster art for Diamond Dogs is fantastic. I always pictured the Blood Spire as much closer to the ground, with a blocky base that casts the underside in deep shadows, but the artwork and color scheme are really appealing.

    I asked Mary Robinette Kowal if there would be a recording of the Diamond Dogs play and she said she didn't think so, which is a shame. Would have loved to see it, but can't get to Chicago during its run.

    I'm glad to hear everything's well, AR. When I saw you'd closed down your Twitter account, I figured you were clearing the decks and getting rid of distractions to focus on your work, but either way it's a good thing to steer clear of social media.

    And finally, just started "The Iron Tactician" last night and I'm already engrossed. Your Merlin stories are always fantastic. Loved the line by Merlin, something like: "Oh, I'd NEVER interfere with someone else's war!" haha.


  11. was definitely wondering where you went on twitter, though can't entirely blame you for bailing. guess we will havevto keep an eye out here ;-)

  12. Is there any way to get a larger size image of that poster? It's awesome

  13. I've added a link to a somewhat larger version of the poster.

  14. I've added a link to a somewhat larger version of the poster.

  15. Can we put Diamond Dogs the play on DVD?

    Things I would pay a (blank) load of Money to see.

    A Revelation Space RPG

    A Revelation Space or House of Suns epic film.


    1. Dude I have dreamed of an RS game or a really well-produced miniseries. Only AR can answer this, but while reading Revenger I got the sense that he's maybe been dabbling in games -- the whole bauble and loot thing sounds like something straight out of a space adventure game.

  16. @Al - Diamond Dogs was the novella my husband used to introduce me to your work, and I fell in love with the deliciously dark atmosphere and the characters. This is so exciting to hear - now if only it would head out to Seattle!

    @Jim the Scott - A few years ago my husband requested that we play an RPG set in the Revelation Space universe, so I modified another system and ran a campaign for two years. It was glorious! The time period we set it in was between Revelation Space and Redemption Ark.

  17. The Revelation Space series would work really well as a TV show, in the same mold as sci-fi channel's The Expanse.