Wednesday 1 June 2016

Medusa Chronicles at Foyles

"Saturday 4th June 2016 3pm - 4:30pm 107 Charing Cross Road Literary Event, Chargeable Event
In association with The Arthur C. Clarke Award and SFX Magazine.

Join us for a conversation with two leading figures in science fiction, Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter, as they discuss their new collaboration The Medusa Chronicles. Inspired by the classic Sir Arthur C. Clarke's short story ‘A Meeting with Medusa’, The Medusa Chronicles continues the story of Commander Howard Falcon over centuries of space-exploration. One of the most compelling novels of either author’s career, it combines moments of incredible action with an intricately-realised depiction of an expansive universe."


  1. Rats, if I wasn't 200 miles away that'd be excellent.

    Serious question, Alastair - how did you divide up the writing on this? To me, it reads much more like one of Stephen's books than one of yours - I'm just wondering if that's a result of the writing process or a conscious decision to adopt one specific voice.

    1. I agree, the book reads like a Steven Baxter book, not an Alastair Reynolds book.

      I have read everything that you're written, Alastair. I have all of your book in hard cover, in most cases first edition hard cover.

      This is the only book with Alastair Reynolds' name on the cover that I couldn't finish. This reminds me of William Gibson's ill fated collaboration with Bruce Sterling, which also resulted in the only Gibson book that I dislike.

  2. Reads a lot like the Doctor Who book I thought.