Tuesday 21 May 2013

Doctor Who promotion

I'll be doing quite a bit of promotion around the release of Harvest of Time. Here are the signing events, at which I'll also be doing a reading and general chat for anyone interested.

Thurday 6th June 6 - 7pm - Forbidden Planet Bristol (Clifton Heights, Triangle West, Bristol BS8 1EJ)

Friday 7th June 6 - 7pm - Forbidden Planet London  (179 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JR)

Wednesday 12th June - Time TBC - Waterstones Cardiff (2A The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1W)

Thursday 20th June 6.30pm - Forest Bookshop, Coleford, Forest of Dean (8 St John's St, Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 8AR)

Tuesday 2nd July 8 - 9.30 pm - Toppings Bookshop Bath (The Paragon Bath,  Somerset  BA1 5LS)

Hope to see some of you!


  1. Dear Al,

    I have a request that might sound a bit strange.
    I'm using Goodreads to track my reading, and I accidentally deleted the photo on your author profile page over there which might make some people angry.
    Do you happen to have a license-free photo that I could use over there?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide, and have fun on your book tour.

    P.S.: Does it require a lot of Doctor Who knowledge to enjoy "Harvest of Time" or can the uninitiated reader plunge right into it as well?

  2. Hi Heidi

    If you like you can use the one on the front of my website? www.alastairreynolds.com - if you are able to add a credit to Barbara Bella that would be great, but if not don't worry.

    I tried to write the Doctor Who book so you wouldn't need any prior knowledge of the Doctor or the series, beyond a few very basic facts - the Doctor is an alien who looks human, he has a time machine, etc. The rest of it should be (I hope) clear from context.



    1. Thanks a lot for your help with the photo. I'll have to get back to a Goodreads moderator, but I hope your consent will suffice.

      I've just pre-ordered "Harvest of Time". I do in fact have some rudimentary Doctor Who knowledge from the Eccleston/Tennant era, but it really isn't much. At least I know who the Master is. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

      Best wishes,

  3. He's an Alien? Crikey! Aren't I a noob, and I've known about him for over 40 years!

  4. Hi alastair!! My dads a huge fan, but he's nervous of turning up with one of your other science fiction books to sign. He'd still buy a doctor who as he loves your work, but could you be nice to him if he brings Chasm City or something :) Big fan also, cant wait for On the Steel Breeze. Have a good one! From Spence

  5. Spence - I have no problem at all with signing other books. The bookshops will probably like it if your dad buys a copy of the Who, though, but they're not going to object if someone also has a few of my other books along with them.

    I don't have set in stone rules for these things, but if the lines are busy, I normally suggest that I'll sign three items at a time, and then if you want more stuff done you just go back around again.

  6. Itl only be one, he'd mainly just be glad to meet you, as your books bring him alot of enjoyment. Thanks for the reply!! Spence

  7. Looks like me and my wife might be coming to the bath signing event as we have the week off :-) As I'm very much at the beginning of my science fiction writing journey, it will be good to meet and listen to someone who made the leap from a normal job to full time SF writer.