Saturday 10 November 2012


Over on Twitter, I'm following @WaxwingsUK, the handle for UK waxwing observations. With the cold weather, these enchanting migrants have begun to return to our shores and there are reports of sightings in many counties, although as yet none near me. I love these marvellous birds but have only been fortunate to see them on one occasion - or rather, one period of a few days (2006, I think) in which a large flock made themselves at home in a couple of trees near our home in Noordwijk, Holland, during a particular cold snap. Waxwings are remarkably tame so if you are fortunate enough to have them near you, you can stand a good chance of getting very close indeed.

Fighting winter light and an unfortunate sun angle, I failed to get any really fantastic pictures - certainly none that capture the beautiful colours of their plumage, and certainly none that record their lovely trilling song - but you take what you can get, and I have been pleased to have this record of my one waxwing sighting ever since.

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  1. Nice pics Al.
    I tried to follow on twitter also, but couldn't! Maybe my twitter needs a tweetment! rofl